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A simple method

At Boss Ladies we designed a simple method of owning that dream bag without the stress. You get to own your dream bag without paying thousands of dollars upfront. Say goodbye to credit card debts and long nights in that shitty side job.

How it works?

Lease the bag weekly, fortnightly or monthly (take instagram pictures, wear it on dates, wear it to parties etc)

After your lease is finished, you have three options:

  1. 1. We renew your lease for the same bag
  2. 2. We re-issue you a new bag with a similiar budget
  3. 3. Or you may choose to end the lease

In other words...

You basically pay the lease amount and keep the bag for your entire lease. After your lease expires, one of our representatives will contact you to renew your lease or offer you a whole new bag (something different of course).

We designed this option for customers who like to keep up to date with fashion trends, keep their social media popping, don't like wearing the same bag for more than a month - yes we get it, you are a diva.

For those who decide to renew their lease for the same bag, will need to make a new payment.

For more info, see our Terms of Service.


Boss Ladies Rules:

Requirements: All customers must email a copy of a Government Issued Drivers License or a Passport to complete the order. All customers must also provide a valid credit card on file.

PLEASE NOTE: Boss Ladies obtains the right to reject certain orders made subject to fraudulent activity. If we feel a customer has provided insufficient or incorrect personal information, we will dishonor their order and future orders.